Chimney Cleaning

Top reasons for a Chimney Sweep

  1. Prevent chimney fires and other hazards
  2. Ensure the fireplace is free of debris
  3. Maintain the structural integrity and prevent future damage
  4. Improve heat efficiency in the home

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Top 5 Reasons for Dryer Vent Cleaning

  1. Prevent fires in vent
  2. Save money by consuming less energy
  3. Check and repair damaged vents
  4. Extend life of dryer
  5. Save time, clothes dry faster

Chimney Inspections

We combine our Level 1 chimney inspection and chimney sweeping services to ensure the integrity of any fireplace system. If you want to be confident with the continued use of your system, we recommend an inspection annually.

Our Business

Our clients come back to us year after year and our customer referrals have become the lifeblood of our business because they know customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Chimney inspections are an important part of the home buying process and Chimney/Fireplace Inspections are not only important in finding problems or deficiencies but also in ensuring fire safety in a home especially if the last time the chimney was cleaned and inspected for potential hazards is unknown.



Next Steps...

We are timely and sensitive to your contingency time periods with quick turnaround time on all of our reports, usually within 24 hrs from inspection time. Our reports are specific and also include estimated cost of repairs. We welcome new Realtor relationships.